Nelson Outdoor Club

David or Lyn Baigent
Phone – 035224380 or 027 5224381
Email –

Club Fees

$10 for senior members

$5 for junior members

+$5 range fee per shoot
+$80 per year fee to Nelson Pistol Club
+TSNZ affiliation fee (to be set at TSNZ conference at the end of the month)


(Must sign in the book before shooting)


About The Nelson Outdoor Club

Outdoor shooting is shot over a distance of 50 metres using the same rifle as indoor.  The normal course of fire is 60 shots plus sighting shots.

Our Club presently does not have any shooting gear available for those without gear.

Our range is situated within the facilities of the Nelson Pistol Club at 83 Kerr Hill Road, Golden Downs (approximately 40 kms from Richmond) on the road to Nelson Lakes, via Wai-iti Valley.

Nelson Outdoor Programme

Programme 2018-19