Target Shooting Wakefield

Club nights are Mondays over winter from 7pm, the range is next to Wakefield soccer rooms. Kids shoot first so they can get home on a school night.

Contact Details:
Club Secretary: Dot Ashton – 0275430529

If you require any further information about coming shooting

About Target Shooting Wakefield

Come on down and give it a go, age 11 yrs – and beyond.

Great sport for all ages that you can carry on with throughout your life. Even though winter is biting, the club room is warm and the humours hot. If you would like some more info or have any questions just contact us on the above contacts top of the page.

Would be great to see some old faces back in the club as well as some new ones. Target shooting isn’t only for the young ones us older ones can do it too. If it’s something you would like to have a go at and become part of our little club please come along or give me a ring.
Simply contact us or just turn up early on our club night and someone will gladly accommodate you. As with many sports and activities, you won’t know it’s for you until you give it a go.